This article summarizes the main projects that have contracts listed on Binance but do not have spot stocks.

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After BLUR, who will be the next token to be listed for spot trading?

Recently, the new Layer 2 network - Blast must be one of the hottest topics in the market. Although its traffic strategy and code security issues have been questioned by other Layer 2 project parties, within a few days of its launch, the TVL has reached 375 million US dollars ( Although it is also attributed to the fact that it can only enter but not exit), it surpassed dYdX V3 and ranked fifth on the Layer 2 track (although it is not yet Layer 2). BLUR is also regarded by some users as Blasts futures token. It rose by more than 120% in 4 days and fell into FOMO emotions.

Today, Binance announced the launch of BLUR spot trading. It has been 210 days since the platform launched BLUR contracts, and BLUR has also risen by more than 20%. Perhaps it is because the emergence of Blast has given Blur new value and made Binance give up its long-standing persistence. Or maybe Binance, which has been fined US$4.3 billion, can no longer be willful. Every hot token on the market will be the target of competition between Binance and other platforms for share. In short, the market boom has indeed forced Binance to launch spot trading. In this article, BlockBeats sorted out several currencies that Binance has only launched contracts recently but has not launched spot trading for reference.


  • Current price: $0.172357 USD

  • Increase (24 H/7 d/30 d): 0.5%, 8.3%, -18.4%

  • Market cap: $26,306,768

  • Trading volume (24 h): 14, 544, 346 USD

Big Time is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) built on Ethereum. It has an industry-leading team and financing. It has been dubbed a AAA masterpiece since its internal testing last year. From a team perspective, the Big Time team has a solid background in the gaming and encryption fields. Not only is the CEO a co-founder of Decentraland, but the core members all have experience in developing large-scale games or working in large-scale gaming companies. In terms of funding, Big Time has raised over $90 million through primary market financing and NFT sales, which is enough to support the development of a AAA game. In the future, when the game is officially launched, the project team can continue to operate sustainably through the sale of game resources.

The BIGTIME game adopts a unique token economic model, with a total of 5 billion tokens. In theory, all tokens are generated through in-game behavior rather than entering the game through issuance. Players mainly obtain BIGTIME tokens in three ways: First, they are randomly dropped and produced through a broken time hourglass in the personal metaverse SPACE. The hourglass is a one-time prop that is not on the chain and bound to the players account; second, it uses functionality The NFT Time Guard makes a time hourglass and consumes time crystals to charge it to generate tokens; the third is to obtain it through market purchase or team airdrop.

Binance will launch the BIGTIME U-based perpetual contract with a maximum price of 20 times on October 12, 2023.


  • Current price: $47.08

  • Increase (24 H/7 d/30 d): 0.5%, 0.3%, -3.4%

  • Market cap: $918, 669, 379

  • Trading volume (24 h): 26, 495, 428 USD

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is one of the hard fork products of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in November 2018. It stands for Bitcoin Satoshi Vision and aims to restore the original protocol and vision of Bitcoin. The hard fork stemmed from a dispute over block sizes and Bitcoin governance, with BSV supporting larger blocks to increase transaction capacity. The core controversy surrounding BSV is that its founder, Craig S. Wright, claims to be the real person behind the pseudonym of Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, but this claim has been controversial due to a lack of conclusive evidence. Especially at the 2018 Deconomy conference, Wrights claim was publicly questioned by Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum.

Wright has attracted widespread attention from the cryptocurrency community due to his controversial remarks and actions, including threats of prosecution against community members. Former Binance CEO CZ stated on Twitter in April 2019 that Binance would delist BSV if Wright continued to claim that he was Satoshi Nakamoto. After that, on April 15, Binance officially delisted BSV.

Binance will launch the BSV U-based perpetual contract with a maximum of 50 times on October 20, 2023.


  • Current price: $0.027

  • Increase (24 H/7 d/30 d): 3.9%, -12.9%, --%

  • Market cap: $31,790,189

  • Trading volume (24 h): 4,083,728 USD

Asset tokenization platform TokenFi was launched by Meme project Floki with the goal of simplifying the cryptocurrency and asset tokenization process and becoming the worlds leading tokenization platform. TokenFi’s official website was launched on October 27, and it is expected to launch multiple products in the fourth quarter of 2024.

The total issuance of TOKEN tokens is 10 billion, with 5 billion issued on each of the BNB Chain and Ethereum chains. 10% of the tokens will be used to provide liquidity on Uniswap and PancakeSwap, with DWF Labs serving as TokenFi’s primary institutional partner and market maker.

Binance launched the TOKEN U-margined perpetual contract with a maximum leverage of 50 times on November 3.


  • Current price: $0.133

  • Increase (24 H/7 d/30 d): 4.8%, 0%, 163.6%

  • Market Cap: $2,910,864,213 (#28)

  • Trading volume (24 h): 48, 799, 206 USD

The Kaspa mainnet was officially launched on November 7, 2021. It uses the BlockDAG architecture to solve the scalability issues associated with traditional blockchain operations. The KAS mining algorithm is kHeavyHash, which supports GPU single mining or dual mining with ETHW and ETC, and supports mining with some FPGA and ASIC mining machines. According to F 2 Pool data, the current computing power of KASs entire network is 60.57 PH/s, and its 24-hour output revenue reaches US$1.7981 million.

Kaspas economic model is similar to Bitcoins issuance mechanism. There is no pre-mining or pre-sale, and all tokens can only be obtained through mining. The total supply of its token KAS is 28.7 billion, which is expected to be mined within 186 months. Currently, 25% of the tokens have not been produced, and the circulation will be basically released in April 2037.

Binance launched the KAS U-margined perpetual contract with a maximum leverage of 50x on November 17.


  • Current price: $0.5421

  • Increase (24 H/7 d/30 d): 21.3%, --%, --%

  • Market cap: $810, 602, 546

  • Trading volume (24 h): 225, 856, 431 USD

As an oracle project focusing on the Solana ecosystem, the retroactive airdrop and the incentive airdrop of FTX Descendants Backpack have attracted continued attention from the community. After going online, the price of the currency was stronger than other airdrop currencies, rising directly within 24 hours of the opening. As of press time, PYTH has nearly doubled from its lowest opening price of $0.28.

In contrast, its trading volume has also continued to increase. For CEX, trading popularity is one of the major considerations for whether to list the currency. PYTH is undoubtedly one of the most popular trading targets in the current market.

Binance launched the PYTH 1-50 times U-margined perpetual contract at 22:30 on November 22.


  • Current price: $0.00000411 USD

  • Increase (24 H/7 d/30 d): -4.9%, 30%, 1252.5%

  • Market cap: $249, 756, 838

  • Trading volume (24 h): 32,048,341 USD

BONK is the first meme coin on Solana. Its team began planning the project on December 9, 2022, and called on other projects in the Solana ecosystem to interact. As Christmas approaches on December 25, Bonk conducted a large-scale airdrop for the Solana ecosystem.

As it approaches the first anniversary of its birth, as Solana takes off again, related ecological tokens have also experienced a repair in valuations. BONKs surge in the past month seems to be explained in this way. However, it is worth pointing out that as a meme currency, the market value of BONK is not low, and has increased more than 12 times in just one month. Its recent performance has shown weakness. Compared with PYTH in the same ecosystem, the transaction volume is not at the same level. . It is worth considering whether Binance will list such a cash currency at this time.

Binance launched the 1000 BONK 1-50x U-margined perpetual contract at 22:00 on November 22.

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