Fantom Network Gas surges, what are you rushing towards?

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The inscription Chain to Chain.

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The inscription craze in the Bitcoin ecosystem that has lasted for half a month has not stopped. Starting from eths on Ethereum, to pols on Polgon, sols and lamps on Solana, and aval on Avalance, the phenomenon of chain-to-chain has continued Ongoing.

Yesterday, according to FTMScan data, the Fantom network gas fee exceeded 10,000 gwei, which is suspected to be related to the Inscription FANS casting activity on the Fantom network.

What are FANS

FANS is the first inscription on Fantom, with a total of 21 million. In addition to the first inscription on the third evm chain (the first two are Polygon and Avalance), its attraction point is that the name FANS itself also adds a lot of popularity to it. Advocates call it the first in the entire network. An orthodox fan’s inscription $FANS”.

Secondly, because the gas fee of Fantom chain is very low, the cost is about 0.15 U per piece, while the cost of previous sols was 7-8 U. Just like the previous pols, the low-cost advantage also attracts many players.

Fantom’s official community also took advantage of the heat and posted a tweet to promote the company. In the past 24 hours, Fantoms TX has increased significantly by 2.9 million, which has caused gas charges to be higher than usual. However, regardless of the increase in gas charges, we are still very cheap compared to other EVM chains.

Fantom Network Gas surges, what are you rushing towards?

However, compared to the gas fee, Inscription players are more concerned about the fairness of the mint process. The dune panel of FANS only counts rotation (transferred to itself during the mint process), and inscriptions minted in batches through contracts will not be counted. Previously, the entry of contract players in pols mint caused a lot of controversy. Afterwards, the community decided to invalidate the inscription of the contract address mint. Currently, FANS remaining mint amount is 63%.

Fantom Network Gas surges, what are you rushing towards?

It is worth noting that there are currently 4-5 kinds of engraving tools. Some tool entrances require a private key to be mint. Users need to be aware of the risks when trying.

Fantom Network Gas surges, what are you rushing towards?

It continues to be hot, what other inscriptions can defend yourself?

Yesterday, according to Magic Eden market data, the floor price of Sols, the inscription token on the Solana chain, rose to 12.3 SOL (approximately US$710), an intraday increase of 112%. And currently OKX users can trade Solana inscriptions in the OKX Web3 wallet NFT market. Currently, the POLS Market, the inscription market on the Polygon chain, has been officially launched and open for trading.

Both pols and sols are inscriptions that have appeared recently. They have experienced a certain increase after the completion of mint, providing impetus for the continuation of the inscription craze. In addition to FANS, Polygons second inscription poli has also appeared, with a mint of 35% as of the time of writing. In addition, there are inscription cels from the CELO network, with a total of 21 million.

The communitys positive attention to Inscription may be due to the fact that trading platforms such as OKX and Binance have successively launched Inscription, which means that the market is recognizing and supporting the innovation of the Inscription track. Compared with other investment targets, choosing inscriptions can avoid the risk of rat warehouse. Players are also exploring how to deal with the unfair risks brought by the entry of contract scientists. Therefore, many people regard the mint inscription process as an ecological experiment.

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