From BBO to T2T2, one article explains in detail the wealth effect of Bitget Launchpad

4 months ago
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What makes Bitget a dark horse among crypto exchanges?

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As the rumors about Bitcoin spot ETFs have reached their limit and become more and more intense, the price of Bitcoin has returned to the previous high point in May 2022, and the encryption market has also ushered in a wave of Little Indian Spring, and various tokens have begun to rise one after another. The gains came as the crypto market saw net inflows via stablecoins or dollar-pegged tokens for the first time in more than a year, according to data from blockchain analytics firm Glassnode. In the past 90 days, the net supply of the four major stablecoins USDT, USDC, BUSD and DAI turned positive, indicating an inflow of funds into the market. This is the first time this has happened since Terra collapsed in mid-May 2022.

As the encryption market picks up, the situation of the entire encryption industry and the CEX track is also quietly changing. Bitget ranks fourth among cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges, according to the latest data from Coinglass. Among the established CEXs, Bitget can be regarded as a veritable rising star. So what makes Bitget leave behind the major CEXs and become a dark horse among crypto exchanges?

From BBO to T2T2, one article explains in detail the wealth effect of Bitget Launchpad

Launchpad New Wealth Effect

For a long time, investors have been highly interested and recognized in this investment method. Whether in the stock market or the cryptocurrency field, subscribing for new projects is seen as an opportunity to obtain higher returns. Some people even call it risk-free returns. The IEO model has become the most popular way of playing new games among current users due to its low risk and low participation threshold. By participating in IEOs, investors can more easily access and invest in potential cryptocurrency projects, while also reducing some investment risks.

Bitget has inherited this new law and launched Bitget Launchpad, which introduces the IPO model of the traditional stock market to a platform in the cryptocurrency field. Since its launch in January 2022, 11 cryptocurrency projects have now been launched, many of which have shown great potential, making Bitget Launchpad a go-to strategy for investors.

According to CryptoRank historical data, Bitget ranks first among the ATH Average ROI of Launchpad, the top ten platforms in 2023. Bitget Launchpad also continues to pay attention to market changes and launch new strategies. In the recent Launchpad project T2T2, Bitget has also innovated in the gameplay, launching a group mode for the first time, lowering the participation threshold (50 BGB minimum investment) , allowing more investors to participate in IEO and obtain returns. Driven by this innovative group-building model, Bitget Launchpad has also reached an unprecedented climax, and T2T2 has lived up to expectations, with a return on investment of 30 times, becoming another high return rate for Bitget Launchpad since its birth. trump currency. According to ChainCatcher statistics, since the resumption of Bitget Launchpad, PandaFarm (BBO) to the latest T2T2, the highest yield has been more than 25 times, and this is when Bitget Launchpad once again returned to the publics eyes with a high yield.

From BBO to T2T2, one article explains in detail the wealth effect of Bitget Launchpad

Data source: Highest yield statistics since Bitget Launchpad relaunch.

The IEO sector has been a battleground for major CEXs since ancient times, and T2T2’s outstanding performance in the recent “Little Indian Spring” of the crypto market has also allowed Bitget Launchpad to steal the limelight in the IEO market. It has attracted the attention of crypto investors. After all, the highest return rate of 30 times will undoubtedly be called a benefit myth regardless of any period in the market. Previously, affected by black swan events such as FTX, the crypto market has already Suffering from the birth of no new benefit myth, the emergence of T2T2s high-fold increase is like giving timely help. In conjunction with the market popularity of Bitcoin spot ETFs, it has pushed the entire crypto IEO market to a new climax. Investors Begin to gradually cast your sights on this new IEO market Bitget Launchpad. Previously, according to CryptoRank, Bitget ranked first among the ATH Average ROI of Launchpad, the top ten platforms in 2023.

From BBO to T2T2, one article explains in detail the wealth effect of Bitget Launchpad

At the same time, as the popularity of “Bitget Launchpad” increases, its admission ticket BGB has also reached new heights. According to Bitget data, its platform currency BGB rose to US$0.58 in a short period of time, which has increased 10 times from the initial price of US$0.058. This is also a new wealth creation myth created in addition to T2T2. According to official data from Bitget’s November report, in just the 24 hours from November 13 to 14, BGB’s market value reached US$800 million for the first time, an increase of 19% overnight. Platform coins hitting new highs. With the substantial growth of BGB, BGB once entered the list of popular coins on CoinGecko. According to official statistics, BGB has now jumped to the top

Top 69 of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization on CoinGecko and top 64 on CoinMarketCap.

From BBO to T2T2, one article explains in detail the wealth effect of Bitget Launchpad

As peoples interest in Bitgets native tokens grows, the Bitget Launchpad empowered by BGB (holding BGB can exclusively enjoy the highly anticipated IEO) has also begun to attract attention. In addition to the recent new project T2T2, Launchpad The performance was no less impressive in this years liquidity-drying bear market. According to CryptoRank data, the Bitget IEO sector has performed strongly since the beginning of 2023, with IEO projects led by PandaFarm (BBO) and H ALO (HALO) leading the way with the highest return rates of 200 times and 149 times respectively.


After an eight-month break, Bitget announced the restart of Launchpad in February this year, and PandaFarm, as the first switch game, got off to a successful start. According to reports, the first project PandaFarm is a GameFi project on Arbitrum. The ecological token BBO can be used to adopt pandas, exchange pandas, participate in games and use advanced features in PandaFarm. It is reported that the total supply of BBO is 100 million, and the total distribution of Launchpad is 1 million.

On the opening day alone, BBO was pulled up from the initial price peak of 0.05 to $10, which was enough to show its hot opening. Since then, it has been stable at around $2 on the opening day, fulfilling positive expectations and completing positive profits.


With the previous success of PandaFarm, the second phase of Haloworld (HALO) after the restart of Launchpad is also highly anticipated by investors. According to Bitget official data, a total of 52,410 users participated in HALO, which increased by 12.17% compared to the previous BBO popularity.

HALO lived up to expectations, breaking through $0.02 to $2.99 ​​on the opening day, and has remained stable at around $0.37 since then.

With the precedent of making wealth of PandaFarm (BBO) and Haloworld (HALO), Bitget Launchpad has undoubtedly become one of the most popular sectors in the crypto market. Since then, the number of participants in GoSleep (ZZZ) BIP 1 (BRC 20) and other projects has exceeded 15,000 people, and their highest returns exceeded 25 times.

The CEX Launchpad battle continues

At this point, it is not difficult to understand why Bitget suddenly became the dark horse of CEX and jumped to the top exchange. After all, investors in the capital market always follow the money. Bitget also swept thousands of troops in the CEX market with its huge wealth effect in a short period of time, completely subverting the traditional concept of old exchanges and replacing it with whoever can create wealth can gain it Traffic, and there is no doubt that Bitget is the winner.

Similarly, Bitgets short-term success will also have a profound impact on the entire crypto CEX industry, stimulate innovation and progress in other exchanges, and bring more choices and possibilities to the industry. The increasingly fierce competition among CEX will force CEX to face new challenges and competitive pressures, and strive to find innovative business models and value-added services to win the favor of users and funds. This will push the entire industry towards a more Develop in the direction of openness, fierce competition and user first.

With the success of Bitget, the CEX market will usher in more intense competition, and exchanges will actively explore new business opportunities and provide better trading experience and value-added services to retain users and attract more funds. This will also bring more choices and opportunities to investors and promote the development and growth of the entire market. This will inevitably trigger changes in the entire industry and reshape the competitive landscape, and will also open up a new competitive landscape to adapt to the increasingly mature and diversified digital asset trading market.

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