Must pay attention next week - Celestia mainnet will be launched on October 31st; Coinbase will announce Q3 results on November 2nd (10.30-11.5)

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dYdX Chain has been launched, and the Alpha phase is expected to start on October 30; Lens Protocol will be upgraded to V2 version on October 30.

Must pay attention next week - Celestia mainnet will be launched on October 31st; Coinbase will announce Q3 results on November 2nd (10.30-11.5)

Highlights for next week:

Hong Kong Fintech Week 2023 will be held from October 30 to November 5

dYdX Chain is online and the Alpha phase is expected to start on October 30

Lens Protocol V2 version upgrade will be carried out on October 30

Celestia updates pre-creation files, and the mainnet will be launched at 22:00 on October 31

Coinbase will report third-quarter results on November 2

Binance will list Memecoin (MEME) on November 3

From October 30 to November 5, more noteworthy events in the industry are previewed below.

October 30

Hong Kong Fintech Week 2023 will be held from October 30 to November 5, with the theme New Definition of Fintech

InvestHK of the Hong Kong SAR Government released details of Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023 activities on October 18. The 8th Hong Kong Fintech Week will be held from October 30 to November 5, with the theme of New Definition of Fintech. It is the flagship event of Hong Kongs fintech community, aiming to promote global fintech innovation and shape financial services and other fields. ’s bright future.

U.S. Judge Asks Binance and SEC to Resubmit Joint Status Report on October 30

Odaily News According to documents submitted to the court on October 13, U.S. District Judge Zia M. Faruqui gave Binance, Binance.US, Binance CEO CZ, and the U.S. SEC more time. He requested that the parties cooperate in required documentary discovery and witness testimony under a previous consent order.

Binance, Binance.US and CZ, as well as the U.S. SEC, have filed joint status reports on Wednesday, but Judge Faruqui was not satisfied with the parties’ performance. Plaintiff and Defendant were unable to reach any conclusion regarding the discovery request.

The SEC argued that BAM had provided only about 382 documents and declined to comment on other documents the agency requested from it under the consent order. Binance.US said that since the September 18 hearing, the SEC has made more unreasonable demands.

Justice Faruqui asked the parties to submit a joint status report on October 30. Meanwhile, the SEC, Binance, and CZ will meet to discuss the requests. (CoinGape)

Binance announced that it will adjust the leverage, margin levels and funding rate caps of multiple perpetual contracts

Odaily News Binance Futures will update the following U-margin perpetual contract leverage and margin levels at 16:30 on October 30, 2023 (UTC+ 8), and users’ current positions will be affected. Users are advised to refer to the updated leverage and margin ladder to adjust margin to avoid forced liquidation. Adjusting currencies includes:


The above-mentioned U-standard perpetual contract funding rate cap will be adjusted to +2.00% /-2.00% at 16:30 on October 30, 2023, and the maximum leverage is 50 times.

The Solana Foundation will host the Solana Ecosystem Conference starting on October 30 this year

Odaily News The Solana Foundation announced that it will host the Solana Ecosystem’s flagship conference in Amsterdam from October 30 to November 3, 2023. (PrNewswire)

dYdX Chain is online and the Alpha phase is expected to start on October 30

According to official news from Odaily, dYdX Chain is officially launched on the mainnet as an independent Cosmos Layer 1. The validator created the genesis block of dYdX Chain at 1:00 am today.

The dYdX Operations subDAO public bridge frontend is expected to go live on October 30th. The post-genesis phases include Alpha and Beta, with the Alpha phase (expected to open on October 30) focusing on bridging, staking and security, and the Beta phase which will support transactions but no rewards. The transition from Alpha to Beta will be determined by factors such as governance votes.

Lens Protocol releases V1 to V2 version migration guide for developers, the upgrade will be carried out on October 30

Odaily News The decentralized social protocol Lens Protocol has released a V1 to V2 version migration guide for developers. This guide details the upgrade steps before and on October 30 (the expected V2 upgrade date), as well as matters that developers need to pay attention to.

Lens Protocol added that the migration guide is only for protocol developers and protocol users do not need to perform any action.

October 31

Celestia updates pre-creation files, and the mainnet will be launched at 22:00 on October 31

Odaily News exploring.eth posted on the 00:00 Z (22:00 on October 31, Beijing time).

The addresses that can receive airdrops are also in this file. After the mainnet is launched, the tokens will be directly distributed to the wallet, and users do not need to claim.

Previously, on October 19, Celestia announced that the current airdrop of approximately 60 million TIA tokens has been redistributed. These tokens are distributed to users who have claimed them. Currently, users can check the latest available airdrop quantity on the official website and do not need to apply again.

Celestia also stated that it expects to release the mainnet in the next few weeks, and the addresses that receive the airdrop will be able to obtain TIA directly on the mainnet.

The TON Foundation plans to apply for the Guinness Record of Fastest Blockchain and will start performance testing on October 31

Odaily News The TON Foundation announced that The Open Network (TON) will apply to obtain Guinness World Records certification as the “fastest blockchain”. The public network performance test is scheduled to be conducted at 23:00 on October 31st, Beijing time, and will demonstrate the reliability, scalability and speed of the TON blockchain.

The TON Foundation will set up 256 servers for verification nodes and launch a separate TON blockchain network for performance testing. (News Direct)

Boba Network: BobaAvax will be closed starting from October 31st, please transfer funds in time

Odaily News According to official news, the Ethereum Layer 2 expansion network Boba Network recently announced that its Layer 2 expansion solution BobaAvax on Avalanche will be closed on October 31. Users need to transfer all funds to the Avalanche main network before then. Failure to do so may result in permanent loss of access to any assets on BobaAvax.

In this regard, Sushi also issued an announcement stating that users who provide liquidity to Sushi on the BobaAavx chain need to take the following actions before October 31: 1. Remove all existing liquidity from BobaAvax; 2. Remove funds from BobaAvax Transfer out for safety.

Additionally, Sushi strongly advises against adding any new liquidity to BobaAvax, and failure to remove liquidity or transfer assets before the specified date may result in users being permanently unable to access their assets on BobaAvax.

UniSat Wallet: brc 20-swap mainnet launch postponed to October 31

Odaily News UniSat Wallet posted on the X platform that in order to gain more testing time, it has decided to postpone the launch of the brc 20-swap mainnet to October 31.

Additionally, there may be further updates to the indexer later this week in response to calls from Ordinal developers.

ParaX: ParaSpace users on zkSync have until October 31st to migrate to ParaX

According to official news from Odaily, ParaSpace users on zkSync must migrate to ParaX, and the zkSync function will be closed at 00:00 UTC on October 31, 2023.

The Clockwork team has decided to stop developing the protocol and will shut down Devnet and mainnet nodes on October 31

Odaily News Nick, a former employee of Solanas ecological decentralized automation network Clockwork, posted on the X platform (formerly Twitter) that due to opportunity costs and limited business prospects, the Clockwork development team and himself decided not to develop the protocol and developers can continue to use its software. , but the team will shut down the nodes on Devnet and mainnet on October 31st. On-chain programs will be frozen, and the code will continue to be open source and freely available on GitHub.

Nick said that if the community is willing to improve the protocol, the team will fully support forks and releases. For users who currently rely on Clockwork services, the team will do its best to ensure that services continue to be provided.

Unstoppable Domains co-founder Brad Kam will step down on October 31, remaining on the board of directors

Odaily News NFT domain name service provider Unstoppable Domains co-founder Brad Kam announced on the X platform that he will resign on October 31, but will continue to serve as a board member.

In addition, he also said: I will take a few months off and then plan to return to entrepreneurship.

November 1

The European Central Bank will launch a two-year preparation phase for a digital euro project on November 1

Odaily News The Governing Council of the European Central Bank announced the launch of a new phase of the digital euro project: the preparatory phase. The decision follows an investigation phase launched by the Eurosystem in October 2021 to examine how a digital euro would be designed and distributed.

The digital euro will offer a wide range of payment options, support online and offline payments, and will provide the highest level of privacy protection. The project’s preparation phase will begin on November 1, 2023, and last two years, including final rulemaking and infrastructure development. The ECB will continue to work with the public and stakeholders to ensure that the digital euro meets user needs.

The eventual issuance of a digital euro will depend on the European Union’s legislative process, subject to Council review. The European Central Bank emphasized that the digital euro will coexist with physical cash and will become an important part of future digital payments, promoting innovation and competition in the European payment industry while protecting user privacy.

U.S. appeals court gives LBRY until Nov. 1 to file briefs in SEC lawsuit

Odaily News The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston has directed LBRY to file a brief by November 1, 2023. This follows a long-running legal dispute between the SEC and LBRY over the nature of its platform. (CoinGape)

Ethereum Foundation to launch Road to Devcon funding campaign on November 1st

Odaily News The Ethereum Foundation announced that Devcon 7 is scheduled to be held in Southeast Asia in 2024, and the specific location has not yet been determined.

In addition, the Ethereum Foundation launched the Road to Devcon (RTD) funding round to support new Ethereum events, community and educational initiatives in different regions. The application deadline is November 1 at 7:59 Beijing time.

GameStop: Will end support for crypto wallets on November 1 due to “regulatory uncertainty”

Odaily News Game retailer GameStop said it would stop supporting its crypto wallets due to regulatory uncertainty. GameStop will remove its iOS and browser plug-in wallets, which allow users to manage their cryptocurrencies and NFTs, from the market on November 1, according to the company’s website.

That means GameStop is abandoning its cryptocurrency strategy as part of Chairman Ryan Cohens broader effort to boost digital services to turn around the troubled video game retailer. GameStop did not respond to a request for comment. The company did not mention NFTs or cryptocurrencies during a recent conference call with investors.

GameStop launched its NFT marketplace a year ago, allowing gamers, creators, collectors and other community members to buy, sell and trade NFTs. In December, GameStop said it would no longer focus on cryptocurrencies after posting a net loss of $94.7 million in the third quarter and laying off employees in its digital assets division. The companys chief financial officer, Diana Saadeh-Jajeh, resigned on August 11. The company has seen two CEO departures in the past two-plus years. (Bloomberg)

November 2

Coinbase will report third-quarter results on November 2

Odaily News Investment bank Berenberg said in a research report on Tuesday that Coinbases U.S. cryptocurrency trading volume appeared to be lower than expected in the third quarter as the crypto bear market continued.

Citing data from The Block, the report stated that Coinbase’s trading volume fell by approximately 17% month-on-month and approximately 52% year-on-year. It is reported that Coinbase will announce its third quarter results on November 2.

Germany’s postal service will release limited-edition NFT stamps on November 2

Odaily News The German postal service Deutsche Post will issue its first limited edition collectible stamps on November 2. Classic self-adhesive stamps will come with a digital image, an NFT that represents ownership of the stamp. The first stamp in the series features an AI-generated pixelated image of Brandenburg, and other stamps will also feature images of other German landmarks. (Cointelegraph)

Prisma Finance announced that it will launch the governance token PRISMA on November 2, with 3% distributed to point holders

Odaily News LSD stablecoin protocol Prisma Finance announced that it will launch the governance token PRISMA on November 2. The total number of PRISMA is 300 million, and the specific distribution is as follows:

62% (186 million PRISMA) are managed by the Prisma DAO and used to incentivize certain actions within the Prisma protocol and liquidity of the liquidity pool;

20% (60 million PRISMA) are allocated to core contributors, and these tokens will be unlocked linearly for 12 months starting from TGE;

10% (30 million PRISMA) are allocated to early supporters, and TGE begins a 12-month linear unlocking;

5% (15 million PRISMA) will be stored in the Prisma DAO vault;

3% (9 million PRISMA) will be distributed to veCRV voters and Prisma point holders.

November 3

Binance will list Memecoin (MEME) on November 3

Odaily News Binance has now launched the 39th phase of the new coin mining project – Memecoin (MEME). Users can invest BNB, TUSD, and FDUSD into the MEME mining pool on the Launchpad website after 08:00 on October 28, 2023 (UTC+ 8) to obtain MEME rewards. MEME can be mined for a total of 30 days. The website is expected to be updated approximately four hours after this announcement and before mining activities open.

Binance will list Memecoin (MEME) at 16:00 on November 3, 2023 (UTC+ 8), and open the MEME/BTC, MEME/USDT, and MEME/BNB trading markets.

The opBNB testnet Fermat hard fork is expected to be activated on November 3 and will enhance interoperability with BNB Greenfield

According to official news from Odaily, BNB Chain announced that the opBNB test network Fermat hard fork plan will be activated at block height 12113000, which is expected to occur from 14:00 to 14:15 on November 3, 2023, Beijing time.

This hard fork will lay the foundation for interoperability between opBNB and BNB Greenfield, making BLS signature verification and cometBFT light client verification possible by adding new precompiled contracts. In addition, Fermat will stabilize the L1 gas price for the L1 data cost of opBNB Layer 2 transactions.

Developers should upgrade to opNode V 0.2.0 and opGeth V 0.2.0 before the hard fork. This will ensure that its nodes are compatible with the new precompiled contracts and continue to run smoothly after the hard fork.

BAYC: ApeFest 2023 to be held in Hong Kong from November 3rd to 5th

Odaily News BAYC announced on Twitter that it will hold the ApeFest 2023 Ape Festival in Hong Kong from November 3 to 5.

November 4

Coinbase will suspend CRPT, MXC, QSP, REN and TONE trading on November 4

Odaily News Coinbase Assets announced on the X platform: Based on recent reviews, we will suspend Crypterium (CRPT), MXC (MXC), Quantstamp (QSP), Ren ( REN), TE-FOOD (TONE) transactions. The ownership of the assets remains unchanged and can be withdrawn at any time.”

November 5

BAYC will host the Yacht Club Open House event in Hong Kong on November 5

According to official news from Odaily, BAYC will hold the Yacht Club Open House event in Hong Kong on November 5. This event will be open to creators, collectors and people interested in cryptocurrency for the first time, providing an interactive experience. Tickets will go on sale September 18, 2023 at 9:00 AM ET.

Others (specific time has not been announced)

Bloomberg Analyst: Proshares short Ethereum ETF to launch in early November

Odaily News Bloomberg ETF analyst James Seyffart posted on the

Paradigm is considering holding an offline hackathon focusing on 2C applications at the end of October or early November

Odaily News Paradigm Chief Technology Officer Georgios Konstantopoulos posted on the X platform that he is considering holding a one-day hackathon in New York at the end of October or early November, focusing on consumer-oriented Crypto applications.

Applications for the hackathon are now open, and if enough applications are received, Paradigm will move forward with the matter.

OKX HK plans to submit a formal application for a Hong Kong VASP license before the end of October

Odaily News OKX Chinese posted on the Since March, OKX HK has been actively promoting the preparation of license application in accordance with relevant regulations and guidelines, and currently plans to submit a formal application before the end of October.

Kraken will share some user data with IRS in November

Odaily News Kraken will share selected user information with the IRS next month after receiving a court order in June.

“Kraken expects to share this information covered by the court order in early November 2023,” the exchange wrote in an email sent to affected U.S. users on Thursday. Kraken did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to the June court order, Kraken must provide profile information and transaction history of customers who traded more than $20,000 in any year between 2016 and 2020, including names, dates of birth, taxpayer identification numbers, addresses, phone numbers, electronic Email address and transaction history for the past five years.

The IRS seeks a wider range of information, including users IP addresses, employment details, sources of wealth, net worth and banking information. However, Kraken said in an email that it had successfully persuaded the court to significantly reduce the number of affected customers and the amount of customer data that must be provided.

The number of affected users appears to have been reduced to 42, 017, according to a June court order, while the IRS originally sought information from 59, 331 Kraken users. (The Block)

Starknet introduces synthesis platform Satoru Starknet, expected to release MVP version at the end of October

Odaily News Starknet published an article on the X platform to introduce Satoru Starknet, a new synthesis platform launched by the Starkware exploration team. This project aims to build a decentralized synthesis platform for Starknet based on the Cairo language, inspired by the GMX V2 design and not limited by Solidity.

Satoru Starknet aims to be a neutral public product so that anyone can build a product/business on top of it. Its architecture is modular, that is, different modules interact with each other; routing is the main entrance for users.

In addition, the first minimum viable product (MVP) with end-to-end support will be released at the end of October. It is reported that the project claims to have no tokens, no Discord, and is 100% open source for everyone to build products; the long-term goal is to be autonomous like other exploration projects and maintained by the community.

Nym announces $300 million innovation fund to start accepting applications in early November

According to official news from Odaily, Nym has received financial commitments from its investors, including Polychain, KR 1, Huobi Incubator, Eden Block and other investors, to support projects that protect privacy in Web3 and other fields through the use of Nym mixnet.

Its $300 million innovation fund, the Nym Innovation Fund, will officially begin accepting applications in early November 2023.

Stablecoin trading project Platypus Finance plans to distribute refunds to users next week

Odaily News Stablecoin trading project Platypus Finance posted on the X platform that it is calculating the exact number of tokens each user deserves, including funds from aggregators.

The team is currently working closely with these partners to process refunds, with the goal of distributing them next week, and will announce new information in due course.

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