Allowing car owners to mine with a smart driving device, Car Token received a strategic investment of tens of millions of yuan

6 years ago
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I heard that a taxi company is using hundreds of driving recorders to mine at the same time, and it has gained a lot.

Allowing car owners to mine with a smart driving device, Car Token received a strategic investment of tens of millions of yuan

Learned that the blockchain projectcar passRecently, it has obtained a strategic investment of tens of millions of yuan, led by Jidou Capital and followed by Byte Capital. This round of financing is mainly used to establish the electronic record file of the Internet of Vehicles blockchain, brand promotion and team building.

What Chetongtong wants to do is to collect the data of the car owner through the driving recorder, and do an on-chain car data exchange.

Generally speaking, the driving recorder can be connected to the built-in central controller T-BOX of the car to obtain vehicle condition information. These data are very important for the automotive supply chain and the automotive aftermarket. For example, insurance companies need data on users car habits ( Such as vehicle speed, GPS positioning information, rotational speed) to calculate the underwriting risk. butDue to doubts about the authenticity of these data, personal privacy, competition protection, etc., it is difficult to circulate between the supply and demand sides. According to statistics, only 1% of the desensitized car data (that is, the data whose owner cannot be guessed) can be bought and sold, but what many data demanders want is the owner information of the data content. As a result, a large amount of important data is left unused.

Putting data on the chain can solve these problems very well.The reward mechanism of blockchain data mining allows car owners to sell their data in an open market, while encryption technology can protect their privacy; for data demanders, the immutability of blockchain can also guarantee its authenticity .

Car owners can get Token (CTZ) rewards by using the driving recorder Xingchebao developed by Chetongtong. Driving treasure will be used as a small database of distributed storage, which can record the users driving trajectory, mileage, driving time, fuel consumption performance, driving behavior and other data; The process of block chain acquisition and data retrieval will be jointly supervised.

At present, the car treasure has begun to sell. According to Su Bin, CEO of Hangchebao, some taxi companies even let hundreds of their vehicles mine at the same time. The sales channels of the car treasure mainly include large customers such as freight companies, traditional car dealers and experiential consignment sales of 6000+ micro-businesses. CTZ is expected to be listed on the exchange in the middle of next month. In the future, Chetongtong wants to cooperate with auto insurance companies, gas stations, maintenance stations and other car after-sales service providers to support car owners to exchange products and services with CTZ.

The underlying platform of Xingchebao - the Chetongtong blockchain is a public chain similar to Ethereum, support modular establishment of smart contracts, car sales and services and other business scenarios to build private chains and alliance chains, and isolate data to meet the needs of different people accessing different data. at the same time,Aiming at the problems of low performance and congestion of Ethereum, Chetong adopted the isolation verification technology, layered software structure, the software is divided into acquisition layer, data service layer and application display layer from bottom to top, and the basic data service and contract are separated to achieve better system scalability. According to Su Bin, the CEO of Hangchebao, the car pass can reach an average confirmation speed of 1.6s per transaction, and a high data throughput of more than 3000 TPS under certain conditions.

On the track of in-vehicle equipment mining, there are also AlphaCar, CarBlock, and ChexinChain that have launched OBD (on-board data collection and recording device) equipment.AlphaCar is mainly for the domestic market. CarBlock has received investment from Fenbushi Capital founder Shen Bo and Prince Gong, and has in-depth cooperation with nonda, an American car networking equipment provider. It has a fast start and a relatively complete ecology. Compared with these competitions, the characteristics of the car pass are that the driving instrument is more practical and supports human-computer interaction, which is in line with the development trend of the Internet of Vehicles. But on the whole, these data acquisition methods for accessing T-BOX all face the problem that the private agreement of car companies is difficult to crack and the data acquisition ability is limited.

In terms of team, Chetongtong has nearly 100 RD and promotion personnel. The founding team has more than ten years of experience in the automotive supply chain informatization and auto finance industry, and nearly 60% of them are overseas talents. Su Bin, CEO of Hangchebao, is the founder of Lianyou International, a blockchain + Internet of Things community; CTO Thomas Daly is a Ph. Senior Operation Director of the company in China; CBO (Chief Brand Officer) Luo Ming, founder of Kuge Industry, co-founder of Minxinshe Supply Chain, Hema fresh supplier; technical consultant Andrew, former CTO of Huishitong, blockchain (Shenzhen) Chief Technology Officer of RD Center.

It is reported that the investors of this financing are all engaged in the investment and incubation of the blockchain industry. Among them, Jidou Capitals disclosed investment cases include digital currency mining machine manufacturer Maya Mining Machine, digital currency mining platform Mine World Cloud Computing, digital currency exchange Shangya Exchange, blockchain media Money News”, blockchain marketing organization “ChainPlus”, blockchain knowledge training organization “Shenchuang College”, etc.

Jidou Capital said that this investment is based on the demand of the automotive data market. The coverage rate of the blockchain data market is currently less than one ten-thousandth, and the blockchain electronic record file has no application yet. According to demand estimates, this market will maintain an annual growth rate of at least 4-10 times, coupled with a small base, the development prospects are promising.

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Allowing car owners to mine with a smart driving device, Car Token received a strategic investment of tens of millions of yuan

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